Analog Years

The importance of analog-year discovery for fundamental brokers and traders of agrarian commodities is given mainly by inferential approximation of potential price dynamics and behaviors in futures prices given sector economic conditions.

AD2 Value

AD2 provides fundamental economic data aggregation for market participants in the agricultural commodity-securities financial-sector, and visualizes this data in top-down and bottom-up approach to filter and discover analog-years.

AD2 Goal

AD2 provides quick and intuitive fundamental economic inference for trading agricultural futures via the discovery of analog-years based on the filtering preference of the trader or the economic lanscape.

Visualizing analog-year discovery with AD2 is an intuitive experience, designed to enhance data inference with minimal cognitive bias.

Commodity Selection

Select the target commodity to visualize. AD2 will seamlessly update all data through out AD2 components given your commodity choice

Top-Down Discovery

Look for a specific fundamental economic variable condition, connect the dots and discover the analog year.

Contract Selection

Select a futures contract and explore. Also select a new commodity contract and AD2 will dynamically provide you with the new data in all the visualization components.

Time Series

AD2 gives you the flexibility to zoom-in an specific time-span to explore market structure of the analog-year discovered, or any time-frame that you wish to dynamically explore.


Comparative view of the fundamental economic variables, adjusting to your preference of analog-year discovery given the current economic conditions.

Stack Insights

AD2 provides you with the ability to stack your fundamental economic insights to set up your trade and directional view.

Top-Down Analog-year Discovery

Price | Volume | Open Interest

2002 - 2014

Bottom-Up Fundamentals Exploration

Corn US Stocks to Use
Corn World Stocks to Use
Corn US Demand
Corn World Demand
Corn US Yield
US Harvested Acres
Corn Exports
Corn DDGS/Exports
Corn Feed Demand
Corn DDGS/Feed Substitution
Corn US Planted Acres
Corn US Cash
Soy US Stocks to Use
Soy World Stocks to Use
Oil US Stocks to Use
Oil World Stocks to Use
Soy US Yield
Soy Harvested Acres
Soy Exports
Oil Exports
Meal Exports
Meal DDGS/Feed
Soy US Planted Acres
Soy US Cash
Wheat US Stocks to Use
Wheat World Stocks to Use
HRS US Stocks to Use
HRW US Stocks to Use
Wheat US Yield
Wheat Harvested Acres
Wheat Exports
HRS Exports
HRW Exports
SRW Exports
Wheat US Planted Acres
Wheat US Cash

Data Sources

  • USDA
  • Proprietary Research
  • CME Group
  • CBOT

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